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Channeling brings into our awareness the energy and consciousness of Guides, the Ascended Masters, Angels as well as other beings. It heals, inspires and enlightens us. It is not just the words but the energy that communicates with us on many levels of our being.

During channeling, a channel goes into a light trance and connects to beings from other realms in order to bring through information and guidance. However there are other types of channeling as well. Dancers, writers, and artists channel at times when they connect to higher realms and bring through the inspiration that allows them to produce beautiful and profound work.

Channeled Readings

This is the process whereby a channel links telepathically to a communicator in a different dimension or realm in order to bring through guidance and information.

These links are deliberately made with much evolved spiritual masters, the angelic realms and universal energies. An exchange of energy / consciousness takes place which the channel translates into words and is recorded. The messages received in this way range from uplifting spiritual insights and guidance to practical information.  Channeled sessions can be done remotely without the need for face to face contact. Here the channel would record the session onto aCD and send it to the client.  There is currently a lot of information being brought through in this way in many popular new age spiritual books.

Channeled readings help individuals who want a deeper understanding of themselves and spiritual matters in general. Information is typically given on an individual’s life purpose, healing issues, past lives, spiritual growth and specific questions.  Information from these evolved helpers is always given to us with much care, thought, respect and love.

Who are the Ascended Masters and Extraterrestrial Masters

of the light?

Ascended Masters are beings who walked upon the earth as great leaders, teachers and healers, and who have continued to help us from their vantage point in the spirit world. They include the famous such as Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Mary, Yogananda , the saints and the not so famous such as yogis who transcended physical restrictions during their lifetimes. They have a profound love for us and ceaselessly demonstrate their devotion to us. The Ascended Maters will help anyone who calls upon them.

The Extraterrestrial Masters of the light act in very much the same as the Ascended Masters.  The main difference is that they may not have incarnated on earth and will be linked to another planet or star.  In addition they may have physical form.  They are increasingly offering support and help to us.  The main categories that are know to us are the Arcturians, the Sirians, the  Pleiadians and the Ashtar Command.  They are not to be confused with negative extraterrestrials who receive a lot of attention when they are in fact in the minority.