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History of Channeling

Channeling involves communication with God, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, Guides, Fairies and many other levels of creation. The ability to channel has been present in individuals throughout history. In the past a channel may have been known as a prophet, seer, wizard or clairvoyant. History is full of stories of such people. I have described some of the more recent and important ones below.

Throughout history, I have often used my channeling skills in a variety of different ways in my previous lives on earth and elsewhere. For example as a north american indian I would find suitable new locations for my tribe to move to by allowing my inner sense to scan the land and guide me to the perfect place. In an Atlantis lifetime I would channel energy / consciousness into crystals which were used as teaching tools by my students. Here they would attune to this energy and consciousness and experience a "lesson". And so we see that channeling is as old as time itself!

Edgar Cayce - The sleeping Prophet

Edgar channeled the Universal Mind and very often he accessed information in his sleep state which he could recall perfectly on awakening. Over a fourty year period, he did over fifteen thousand readings. The subjects included physical health problems, reincarnation, world prophecy, future earth changes, dreams, Atlantis, Lemuria, holistic methods of healing, astrology, the Mayan civilisation, Egypt, the story of creation, the story of Jesus, the human aura and much more. All fifteen thousand readings have been recorded by his secretary and are stored at the Edgar Cayce foundation in Virginia. Hundreds of books have been written about Edgar and his readings and he is considered the father of holistic healing.

Madam Blavatsky

Helen Blavatsky was an extraordinary russian channel of the nineteenth century. She also had psychic powers such as few other people on earth had ever known. She was the first person to bring forth an awareness of the Great White Brotherhood and its teachings. Her books, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine are classics. Her main teacher was the Ascended Master El Morya and she was also a channel for Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul and St Germain. She founded the Theosophical Society In America in 1875 with Henry S. Olcott. Her teachings revolutionized the entire spiritual movement. The continued work of Leadbeater and Annie Besant carried her legacy forward and set the stage for Djwhal Khul to use Alice Baily in a similar manner in the twentieth century.

Lyssa Royal

Lyssa is a modern american channel who channels extraterrestrial guides mainly from the Pleiades. Since the 1980's she has published some ground breaking channeled books on the subject of the relationships between humans and various extraterrestrials groups. Her books focus on the important subject of our consciousness and how it affects our understandings and experience of our extraterrestrial friends. Her books are a must read for those interested in all things extraterrestrial.

Dr Joshua David Stone

Joshua has been a pioneer in bringing forward information and techniques to assist individuals with their personal ascension and mastery of self. Since the 1990's he has published many wonderful books on these subjects which are enlightening and inspirational. His personal knowledge of spiritual teachings and spiritual psychology is immense and he uses this successfully in his writing. In addition as a channel he has brought through much new information in the field of personal integrated ascension. He is the founder of the I AM University which is dedicated to helping individuals become Ascended Masters during this lifetime. Since his physical death in 2005, he runs the I AM University from the world of spirit.