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Paul McCarthy

I am a Channel for The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Star Masters. I have channeled The Ascended Masters St Germain, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Sananda, Djwhal Khul, Lady Isis as well as Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Metatron and Raphael. In addition I have channeled the Extraterrestrial Masters from Orion, the Pleiades, Sirius and The Ashtar Command.

I have been committed to my spiritual path for some years, since "waking up" during a traumatic period in life. What followed was a rapid process of remembrance of my true identity, spiritual gifts and life mission. I have been helped tremendously by a team of guides and angels who have been by my side at every opportunity. Life itself has been my greatest teacher and I am grateful for the circumstances that have led me to my current level of self realisation and spiritual growth. It is my mission and my passion to be able to share my knowledge and gifts with those who are also interested in these areas. The mysteries of life, healing, ascension, angels, channeling, ascended masters and our extraterrestrial friends all fascinate me!

My training has been with organisations such as The College of Psychic Studies in the UK and The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Here I have given many Psychic Readings as well as having performed Mediumship in the traditional fashion. The training also included healing and I became an accredited and registered Spiritual Healer, working in the popular Healing Clinic at The College of Psychic Studies in Kensington, London. In later years I have been trained by the Masters themselves as they showed me how to perfect my channeling skills. I have St Germain to thank for helping me in this way. I have channeled in public at spiritual events in the UK whilst working as a channel for the Dr Joshua Stone and the I AM University. At this time, I am dedicating myself to working more closely with the spiritual hierarchy in order to bring through their energies and insights into the world. I have now given hundreds of readings and demonstrations of channeling all around the world.

My greatest wish is to give others the opportunities to experience the profound levels of love, healing, inspiration and support which I have been fortunate enough to receive myself.