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Channeled Readings
with Paul McCarthy

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Your Tribe Reading with St Germain

Your Spiritual Tribe! Your Spiritual Heritage, Ancestral Lines, Star Families - A focus on which groups you are connected to, lived with and are meant to be working with. Are you connected to the ancestral lines of Merlin, Jesus Christ, The Ascended Masters /Theosophy, House of Sirius, House of Pleiades, Elf Kingdoms of Light or Ashtar Command.

Humanity – Your current Tribe! Your sense of wellbeing and ability to manifest more successfully do in part depends on your relationship to people and to humanity. This reading explores this relationship to help you to improve your it for your benefit  and the performance of your base chakra which connects us to this issue.

Past Tribes on Earths- An exploration and information about significant lives spent with known groups with strong identities and traditions such North American Indians, Atlanteans, Ancient Egyptians etc.

All 3 parts included in your reading


Last Life Reading  - COMPLETION

This is a reading to help those who are having their last life on Earth. In this reading with St Germain, information will be given about the completion of the series of lifetimes that you are in now including any healing requirement, karmic issues and other considerations. Also your Ascension and Legacy are important with this and you receive guidance on this.

If you are most likely to continue Earth lifetimes then the reading can switch to understanding what this cycle looks like and what you are trying to achieve and experience over the series. In addition what are you creating in positive ways now that will be fulfilled in the coming lifetimes on Earth?


Elf Seed, Angel Seed &, Fairy Seed Reading ?  

Whilst many are aware of the realities of Star Seeds, many are not aware that they may also have existence as an Elf, Fairy, Angel, Mermaid or other elemental or celestial being.   In this reading Paul will channel this information for you as well as explaining how those realities affect your spiritual gifts and personality as a human being now.

If you book this reading please do not tell me any information about these subjects as I need to work with a blank slate for this reading!


CROSSROADS - The new Channeled Reading

This new reading is designed to help people who are stuck or blocked with aspects of life or their spirituality and need help with choices, decisions and creating new plans such as with ...  

*A new spiritual focus  
*Trying to launch a new spiritual business
*To complete a healing, lesson or level of Ascension
*Looking for something that is yet to be defined!

We live in a time of change and yet we all need help with understanding our choices. St Germain will channel personal guidance and answer questions on these themes.


Your Questions Answered with St Germain
This New CHANNELED READING allows you to simply ask questions and receive channeled guidance for these. More and more I am being asked for this service and especially when the questions do not neatly fit into my normal themed readings. You can send me up to 8 questions. * Please check that your questions fall within the areas that I channel in (see conditions).


Life Missions & Lessons
with the Ascended Master St Germain

These include information from the areas of your top 3 Life Main , Life Missions and Lessons,and personal messages from St Germain to you.


Life between lives Readings with the Sirian Masters
Have you ever wondered where you are and what you are doing when you are not in a body or on Earth? In this reading, I channel information about what you do, where are your favourite places in the soul worlds and the soul qualities that you bring to Earth. This is called life between lives and is the new and popular area of exploration in the New Age Movement. Life between lives was made more known by the work of Michael Newton the hypnotherapist As far as I know this type of reading is unique to my website.


Specialist Readings

Star Seed Reading with St Germain
This is a reading to obtain the information about your star seed realities including information on life missions, "Home" & galactic heritage, your ET connections, your Star Master guides and more.

Ascension Reading
This is a Reading about your own ascension journey and spiritual growth. What level are you at now? What are you current spiritual lessons and agenda? What needs to be integrated still? Who is your main ascension guide now?

Illness Channeled Reading with healing
with the Merlin Master Galorun

Paul will send you 2 attuned crystals one of which contains the precise healing energy needed for your condition. These will be sent via the post to where ever you live in the world. In addition Paul will send you brief written information about the typical Holistic "trigger" for your illness as well as any channeled insights he has about your own personal relationship to the illness from a holistic point of view. These can greatly assist you in understanding yourself and your illness and how you can assist yourself in your own healing journey. Please note that Paul needs to be given a medical name for your condition and he cannot work without this. *

Readings for Children
with Ascended Masters St Germain or Mother Mary
This reading is for your own children from pregnancy to age 18. It is designed to empower parents to understand their own children even more so that they can guide them to the best of their abilities. Here information is given about the essence of the souls and personalities of the child, their requirements from you as parents, their gifts and potentials and their life missions on Earth. The reading can accommodate more than one child within the normal 30-40 minutes time frame. Please note that this reading is more spiritually orientated and not really designed to diagnose physical requirements such as with allergies etc.

AURA EVALUATION - with St Germain

A reading to discover how your AURA, SUBTLE BODIES and SUB CONSCIOUS MIND are functioning and if they improvements can be made to enhance your spiritual and human experiences of life. For many this information can be a revelation as it immediately impacts your own experiences of life and can reveal blocks that are holding you back from being happy and successful. It also teaches you about the emotional, etheric and mental bodies, their functions and how yours are being used. There is also some information about your spiritual bodies as well an exploration about which dimensions of consciousness you connect to and can potentially connect to. This is a written reading which will be emailed to you.

“This reading comes about as I have discovered that many people are quite unaware of their subtle bodies and how they should be working even though they are such an intimate and important part of us!”

*Please note that I do not channel about attachments or entities. This is not what this reading is for.




How does the Reading Work? Readings are done remotely at my home by myself without an appointment. There is no meeting, telephone or skype appointment or any need for the recipient to meditate at all. You will be sent a digital file via email containing your reading. This can be most easily be used on a PC with windows media player software installed. Alternatively I can produce a MP3 file format for those who have apple devices and MACs if requested to do so.

The cost is £65
. You may ask up to 2 questions and you can send these to me via email at the time of booking your reading.

How to book
For all readings, please make the £65 payment below using Paypal


Conditions – please read

All Readings are paid for in full and in advance.

There are no refunds available for any reason after a reading has been completed.

You are aged 18 or over.

Readings times vary depending on if you do not ask any questions, ask questions already covered in the main reading or if there is less information given by the Guide.

The timing of the reading is dependent on the levels of current bookings and my receptivity to channeling. As such there is no guarantee as to when a reading will take place and I cannot advise people about the exact timing of when a reading will take place but I can advise when the reading is completed. In the past readings have taken from 1 week to 4 weeks CURRENT WAITING LIST TIME IS 1 WEEK..

* I channel in the areas of Ascension, spiritual growth and guidance, connecting to guides, past lives, emotional healing, star seed material, successful manifestation, spiritual leadership, understanding consciousness & Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow and Diamond levels of consciousness. I do not channel about the following : Predicting the future, telling people what to do or what decisions to make.

This product or service is not to be booked by anyone suffering from any form of mental illness.

* Healing works best when there is positivity, an open mind and no expectations as to the results. Whilst healing has the potential to help people greatly it should not be considered to be a definite cure for a specific condition. Healing sometimes helps the underlying emotional and spiritual conditions which the physical ailments are highlighting and so there is always good reason to seek healing. If you have a physical illness you should always seek advice from your Doctor.

  I am not able to supply technical support if you are unable to work with the digital file sent to you because your computer's technical issues.